The emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people is just as important as their physical health.

For some children this is a big challenge.

The emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people is just as important as their physical health. Mental health problems in school aged children are rising at an alarming rate with 1 in 6 children/young people experiencing difficulties. Children and young people are experiencing depression, low mood, poor self-esteem, anxiety, behavioural issues, struggle with emotional regulation which can manifest in self-harm, suicidal ideation and anger.

CANW can support these children to lead positive, healthy and meaningful lives.

Our Emotional Health & Wellbeing team provides help and support that is focused on supporting children and young people to build resilience and develop healthy coping strategies so they can manage whatever life experiences they face and become well-rounded, healthy adults.

Our skill is to look beyond the obvious problem and find the root cause. Children and young people can experience complex situations with many interconnecting factors. This is why we offer a range of services, which have been developed to be complementary and work in harmony with each other, to deliver a complete solution to improving the lives of each person we support, based entirely on individual needs.

One size doesn’t fit all.

“One size doesn’t fit all. If I left a pair of size five shoes outside the door they wouldn’t fit everyone who came through it. That’s why we work differently with every person, it’s about what works best for them.”

We offer a range of evidence based therapeutic interventions, from play therapy sessions to cognitive behavioural interventions, one to one counselling sessions, solution focused and motivational interviewing strategies. Offering children, young people, and adults, support via one to one, group sessions, face to face or remote sessions, in school or community venues based on the needs and wishes of each individual. Every member of our team is trained to offer support and tailor their approach to meet individual needs.

“I don’t feel anxious as much, it has helped my self-esteem and confidence and I am a lot happier than I used to be.”

Supporting Schools

Our Emotional Health and Wellbeing practitioners provide a bridge between school and home life.

A ‘one-size fits all’ service model is rigid and doesn’t account for the complexities of real life and real people. The issues that children and young people face are fluid and can change rapidly. This can have a negative impact on their educational development, friendships and attendance.

So, we work closely with schools to help them develop a tailored emotional and mental health support package to address behavioural and emotional challenges in the classroom and improve attendance and attainment. We tailor our support to meet the needs and budget of each school to achieve the best possible outcomes. Our team of qualified and experienced practitioners provide a range of services including counselling, play therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, trauma support, psychology, and family support.

“We have had CANW’s Family Support Service in school for many years. It is a fabulous service for children and parents and has really improved the mental health of those who have used it. We wouldn’t be without it”

Contact CANW! We can develop a bespoke package, which allows you, the school, to make an informed decision about the type of service that fits both the school and its young people and families.

Schools receive a dedicated school therapeutic practitioner based in school between 1- and 5-days during term time. As well as 1-1 targeted support, our practitioners can offer support or advice to parents/carers during parents’ evenings, or to small or whole school assembly to raise awareness of the importance of good mental health and service promotion in the school.


We appreciate that working in school can be very stressful, according to the latest statistics ’12.7% of all sickness absence days in the UK can be attributed to mental health conditions.’ ( furthermore,  5% of teachers in England suffer from a long lasting mental health problem (an increase from just 1% in the 1990’s) Therefore,  as an additional add on service the EHWB team at CANW can provide confidential professional supervision (usually on a monthly or 6 weekly basis to discuss issues arising and to help prevent burnout or compassion fatigue around work issues) or counselling support (usually monthly or 6 weekly for at least 6 sessions, providing a safe and confidential space to explore worries or issues) for school staff.

“We have utilised CANW for play therapy and bereavement support and both have worked very well”

CANW will provide an annual report for governors and staff to demonstrate the impact of the service, and pupils will be invited to become involved in participation groups to shape the development of the service.

To find out more about our Emotional Health and Wellbeing services please call 01254 244596 or e-mail

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