Inner Jedi

Adam* is 10 years old and lives with his mum.

He has ASD which impacts on his emotional regulation and self-esteem.  He enjoys gaming and martial arts.

Adam completed all 5 ‘Mind Moose’ units during 8 weeks of support using Zoom. His favourite unit was Mindfulness and he uses the breathing exercise to help him stay calm and get to sleep at night.

The Kindness unit helped Adam by enabling him to identify his inner critic which leads him to self-harm. This unit supported him in creating a kinder inner ‘Jedi’ voice based on his love of Star Wars.

His Jedi voice

He is learning to use his Jedi voice more and incidents of self-harm have reduced. This kinder inner voice is also increasing his self-confidence.  As a permanent reminder to think positively, he created a lego key-ring with the logo ‘Everything is Awesome’ (from the Lego movie) to attach to his school bag. Adam says this gives him positive motivation whenever he sees it.

Working through the ‘Knowing Yourself’ unit also encouraged Adam to reflect on his achievements and positive qualities, building up his self-esteem. Adam says he enjoyed going through all the Mind Moose units, learning about his negative inner voice and how to overcome it. His mum says his anxiety is now periodic rather than permanent and she has seen him grow in confidence as a result of this support.