"Support a charity that has children at its centre. As well as contributing to the Board, I want to be active on a practical level."

CANW is an innovative and well respected children and community’s charity that has been making a positive difference to the lives of people for over 130 years. We ensure that we live up to our values of Caring, Empowerment and Never Giving Up, and the last couple of years has demonstrated that those values are needed now more than ever.

The Trustee Board is essential to ensuring that our charity continues to provide essential and outstanding support to thousands of children, families and communities across the region by providing governance and support to the dedicated CANW team.

The main thing you will notice when you begin to learn more about CANW is the commitment, dedication and excellence of the staff team across the whole organisation. We believe in team work and we work closely with our Board to ensure we provide high quality services that make a tangible difference to those who need our support.

We know that we can make a huge difference through our services to help children, families and communities address these challenges and have clear plans in place to help us do that.

We hope you are able to help us make that difference.


We are particularly interested in candidates who have the following qualities:

Strategic strengths

We are looking to appoint Trustees who bring a proven history of leading strategic initiatives to enable organisational growth, facilitate development and skilfully navigate periods of change.

Digital Expertise

In today’s technologically driven world, digital skills are vital for the success of any organisation. If you have a good understanding of digital platforms, social media, and IT systems, your skills will be highly valued as we strive to enhance our online presence and use more digital approaches in our day-to-day work.

Marketing/Fundraising/Journalistic Skills

A board member with skills or links in these areas would be beneficial to helping raise awareness and generate support for our cause. Your knowledge and connections will be invaluable in helping us reach new audiences and secure resources for the children we serve.

Community Voices

We believe in amplifying the voices of those we serve. If you have firsthand experience or a deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced within local communities, we want to hear from you. Your insights will help us shape our services and initiatives to better meet the needs of the people we serve.

We value your time and dedication and would ask that you commit to attending at least 70% of our monthly meetings.

At CANW, we know diversity fosters creativity and innovation. We are committed to equality of opportunity, to being fair and inclusive and to being a place where all belong. We therefore particularly encourage applications from candidates who are unrepresented currently at Trustee level. These include people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds, disabled people, LGBTQI+ people and women.

By joining our board, you will contribute to a cause that truly matters and have the opportunity to make a lasting difference in the lives of the children, young people, vulnerable adults, and communities we serve.

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee at CANW and believe you have the skills and passion to help us achieve our goals, please complete out expression of interest form below.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Expression of Interest

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Email: info@canw.org

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    Board Members

    Marguerite Webb


    I wanted to make a difference to children in my area to help them become the best people they could be. All children and young people have such potential and at CANW all the staff, volunteers and trustees do everything we can to offer them the practical and emotional support to enable them to achieve all that they can. CANW is great charity, with 130 years of history in helping vulnerable local children and I feel proud to be a small part of it.

    Gordon Fairweather

    Together with my other trustees, it has been a real privilege to have been part of that successful team. I would highly recommend becoming a trustee at CANW to anyone who wants to make a difference in children’s lives.

    Jon Comyn-Platt

    Miranda Rathmell

    I am a trustee of CANW because I want to support a charity that has children at its centre. As well as contributing to the Board, I want to be active on a practical level, continuing to listen to and sharing children's stories and supporting fundraising initiatives.

    Steve Peddie

    I have made a commitment to join CANW as a Trustee, by offering time and energy to support a local, values-led organisation, who deliver frontline childcare to thrive and fill gaps in the provision of excellent and sustainable support and to change lives for children and families in the North West.

    Rachel Covey

    I was drawn to CANW due to the local impact of the organisation, motivating me to have a visible contribution to communities around me, and values which align with my own in relation to empowerment and never giving up. There is a drive for fresh ideas and thinking which I am thrilled to be a part of.

    Lewis A Baxter

    Nathanial Eatwell

    Simon Damp

    Tina Short