We care. We empower.
We never give up. This is us.

Everyone at CANW is focussed on our mission to inspire young people’s lives and change their futures through the support we give and the values we hold.

We are all personally driven to do everything we can to support the most disadvantaged people in our communities.

Senior Leadership Team

Sue Cotton

Chief Executive Officer

I work for CANW because I am so proud of the amazing work of this Charity, the commitment of our staff and volunteers and the strength and resilience of the Children, families and communities we support and how together we are able to create positive opportunities to bring about the changes needed to live happy and fulfilling lives.

Email: SCotton@canw.org.uk

Stuart Chaplin

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

I work for CANW because we are able to make a difference. We believe that everyone should have the support they need to improve their own life chances. I work with a fantastic, dedicated team who are driven to achieve this. I’m proud to work for CANW.

Email: SChaplin@canw.org.uk

Jonathan Cobbold

Strategic Director of Business Development, Innovation & Growth

I joined CANW in late 2021 because I was inspired by the impact that the team makes on thousands of people each year and was excited by the potential we have to grow and work with many more children, adults and families who are going through a tough time.

Email: JCobbold@canw.org.uk

Rachel Coaker

Strategic Director of Finance & Resources

I work for CANW because of the difference our team makes everyday and because I believe that we are uniquely placed to grow and expand our work so that we can impact on many more young lives.

Email: RCoaker@canw.org.uk

Operational Leadership Team

Michelle Dixon

Assistant Director: Criminal Justice & Social Inclusion

I enjoy working at CANW because of the amazing people I have the privilege to work alongside.

Email: MMDixon@canw.org.uk

Lesley Hall

Assistant Director: Family Support & Wellbeing

I work for CANW because I really like the CANW values and feel honoured to be part of such a passionate team, who are committed to delivering innovative projects that inspire and support young people to make positive change.

Email: LHall@canw.org.uk

Julie Dawkins

Head of Service: Care & Accommodation

I work for CANW because their values and not for profit commitment to helping vulnerable children and adults inspired and still motivates me!

Email: JDawkins@canw.org.uk

Hannah Wilson

Head of Service: ProContact

I work for CANW because I share CANW’s values and want my time to be spent supporting a good cause. I believe passionately in improving children’s lives and running my service allows me to play a role in supporting families.

Email: HWilson@canw.org.uk

Sue Monighan

Head of Service: Emotional Health & Wellbeing

I work for CANW because I am passionate about being part of an organisation where we really DO inspire the lives and change the futures for children, young people and their families.

Email: SMonighan@canw.org.uk

Huma Sheikh

Young Carers Coordinator

I work for CANW because I am committed to wanting to find and support hidden Young Carers, ensuring that they have a voice. I feel proud to work for an organisation that strives to support the most vulnerable in our communities.

Email: HSheikh@canw.org.uk

Carl Simms

Youth Engagement Manager

I have been at CANW since 2008 and love working for the charity as I can see the difference it makes to Children and Young People's Lives. Seeing them turn their life around by a 180 degrees is really rewarding.

Email: CSimms@canw.org.uk

Joanne Lever

Head of Human Resources

I work for CANW because I truly believe that everyone has the right to live in freedom and safety with the opportunity to achieve their hopes and ambitions. A major part of my role is to support each and every amazing member of the CANW family in delivering the fantastic services which not only help the lives of others but enable them to develop, grow and thrive. Knowing that what we do here at CANW makes such a big difference gives me a real sense of fulfilment.

Email: JLever@canw.org.uk

Sharon Anson

Finance & Business Support Manager

I work for CANW because I like being part of an organisation which makes a positive difference to people’s lives.

Email: SAnson@canw.org.uk

Laura O'Hare

Business Development, Innovation & Growth Manager

Email: LOHare@canw.org.uk

Josephine Cross

Brand, Marketing & Communications Lead

I work for CANW because I’m not selling a product; we’re selling the cause. Communicating the need for support in order to solve real-world problems; which CANW do with such determination and passion and it’s my job to make sure everybody knows about the fantastic work achieved.

Email: JCross@canw.org.uk

Board Leadership

Marguerite Webb

Chair of the Board

I wanted to make a difference to children in my area to help them become the best people they could be. All children and young people have such potential and at CANW all the staff, volunteers and trustees do everything we can to offer them the practical and emotional support to enable them to achieve all that they can. CANW is great charity, with 130 years of history in helping vulnerable local children and I feel proud to be a small part of it.

Adam Botterill

Vice Chair of the Board

I wanted to work with CANW because of the work we deliver. I was blessed with a stable family in my youth and for people who don’t have this, I want to play a part in giving them the best opportunities available to help them succeed in their adult life. We are all born equal – but opportunities are what separates us.