We care. We empower.
We never give up. This is us.

Everyone at CANW is focussed on our mission to inspire young people’s lives and change their futures through the support we give and the values we hold.

We are all personally driven to do everything we can to support the most disadvantaged people in our communities.

Senior Leadership Team

Ali Stathers-Tracey

Chief Executive Officer

I am loving the opportunity to work with so many passionate and committed people who work so hard to change the lives of local children, young people and adults in families.

Email: AStathers-Tracey@canw.org.uk

Chief Operating Officer

Michelle Dixon

Strategic Director of Operations

I enjoy working at CANW because of the amazing people I have the privilege to work alongside.

Email: MMDixon@canw.org.uk

Corporate Services Director

Operational Leadership Team

Ian Charnock

Registered Manager - Fostering

I work for CANW because in this role it is not merely professional; it's deeply personal. I believe in the power of family and the profound impact it has on shaping a child's future.

Email: ICharnock@canw.org.uk

Tammy Sutherland

Children's Residential Services Manager

Email: TSutherland@canw.org.uk

Hannah Wilson

Head of Service: ProContact

I work for CANW because I share CANW’s values and want my time to be spent supporting a good cause. I believe passionately in improving children’s lives and running my service allows me to play a role in supporting families.

Email: HWilson@canw.org.uk

Paul Barlow

Head of Service: Social Inclusion

I work for CANW because I am passionate about looking after young people, and the most vulnerable in our society - Working at CANW I can see real and immediate differences for those we support.

Email: PBarlow@canw.org.uk

Sue Monighan

Head of Service: Emotional Health & Wellbeing

I work for CANW because I am passionate about being part of an organisation where we really DO inspire the lives and change the futures for children, young people and their families.

Email: SMonighan@canw.org.uk

Huma Sheikh

Young Carers and Family Support Manager

I work for CANW because I am committed to wanting to find and support hidden Young Carers, ensuring that they have a voice. I feel proud to work for an organisation that strives to support the most vulnerable in our communities.

Email: HSheikh@canw.org.uk

Carl Simms

Youth Engagement Manager

I have been at CANW since 2008 and love working for the charity as I can see the difference it makes to Children and Young People's Lives. Seeing them turn their life around by a 180 degrees is really rewarding.

Email: CSimms@canw.org.uk

Amy Jackson

Human Resources Manager

I work for CANW because I feel proud to be a part of such a rewarding organisation who do so much for children and families. The company values match me personally, and not only are they demonstrated within our frontline work they are demonstrated throughout the workplace. It feels like a family, and we look after each other!

Email: AJackson@canw.org.uk

Sharon Anson

Finance & Business Support Manager

I work for CANW because I like being part of an organisation which makes a positive difference to people’s lives.

Email: SAnson@canw.org.uk

Linda Barber

IT and Estates Manager

Email: LBarber@canw.org.uk

Victoria Moran

Clerk to the Board of Trustees

I am so pleased to be working for CANW where all of my skills can be used and I can learn and grow, it is a real pleasure to be part of the team.

Email: VMoran@canw.org.uk

Josephine Cross

Brand, Marketing & Communications Lead

I work for CANW because I’m not selling a product; we’re selling the cause. Communicating the need for support in order to solve real-world problems; which CANW do with such determination and passion and it’s my job to make sure everybody knows about the fantastic work achieved.

Email: JCross@canw.org.uk

Georgia Murphy

Fundraising and Events Lead

I work for CANW because I am passionate about the cause; inspiring lives and changing children and young people's futures. The support given truly is life changing and I could not be prouder to play my part in this.

Email: GMurphy@canw.org.uk