Emotional Health & Wellbeing (EHWB) for Schools

Every child is different. The challenges they face can change rapidly and have a serious impact on their educational development and life outcomes. Because ‘one size’ does not fit all we have developed our ‘Pick n Mix’ package which allows any school to choose exactly the type of service that fits both the school and its young people and families.

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Professional Supervision

If you’re helping others, it’s vital that you look after yourself too. We offer a supervision process which provides a safe, supportive place where issues such as stress, anxiety, burnout, compassion and fatigue can be raised and discussed to help find new ways of handling yourself and the situation.

Call: 01254 244596 Email: EHWB@canw.org.uk

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)

We offer a wide range of support for people with mild to moderate mental health problems. We can help assess and tackle issues such as anxiety, depression, panic, phobias and obsessional thoughts. We help people to explore and understand their feelings and then get back to enjoying life.

Call: 01254 244596 Email: EHWB@canw.org.uk

Group Intervention For Therapeutic Support (GIFTS)

Our GIFT service provides a safe space to support children and young people through bereavement and loss by helping them to share and voice their fears and concerns. This approach brings young people together who have experienced loss or bereavement, giving them the tools to express themselves and start the healing journey.

Call: 01254 244717 Email: EHWB@canw.org.uk


ProContact is a service that helps children maintain contact with both parents following a separation. This service is sometimes provided after court proceedings, but parents and professionals can also choose to access this service. The financial page of the referral form may indicate costs but there are no fees for families accessing this service through a Cafcass Child Contact Intervention commission.

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