We want to divert young people away from the possibility of repeat offending.

And to help them avoid getting a criminal record.

This might involve making an apology, taking responsibility for their actions, or doing some work in a local community.

At CANW we aim to help young people to develop useful practical skills and to educate them so they can build a life beyond their offence.


If a young person has committed an offence, Reparation is designed to help them understand the consequences of their actions and take responsibility for their behaviour. This might involve making a direct apology to a victim or carrying out unpaid work in the local community. CANW offers these children and young people the chance to try again and avoid gaining a criminal record.

Community Reparation is unpaid work in the community which benefits victims and the wider local community. It is for young people who have committed a criminal offence and is a way of paying back and making amends to the community. It’s also a way to provide young people with practical skills such as painting & decorating, woodwork, or growing fruit and vegetables for local homeless charities. There’s a focus on basic life skills and we also look into the wider issues which may be affecting their behaviour so we can offer the support needed to help keep them out of the criminal justice system. There are opportunities to gain qualifications that can help towards future employment. Reparation sessions are arranged so they do not conflict with school, work or religious commitments.

At CANW our aim with Reparation is to make children and young people aware of the consequences of their actions, and to educate them so they can build a life beyond their offence.

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