CANW can help you get your future started.

If you are a young adult with complex needs, barriers, mental or physical health difficulties, are homeless, have a disability or are a full-time carer then it can be really difficult to gain employment and start to build your future.

CANW can help you overcome barriers and get your future started.

CANW is part of the Invest in Youth scheme which aims to tackle barriers faced by young people before supporting them into employment, education or training. Working with young people who are Not in Education or Training (N.E.E.T.) or at risk of becoming N.E.E.T.

Through this project we aim to transform the futures of young people between the ages of 15 and 24 years who have challenges in their lives that are stopping them from finding employment, education or training.


CANW has formed a partnership of community, voluntary and social enterprise sector organisations across Lancashire who will work directly with each person, providing a range of guidance, information, volunteering, training, employment and enterprise activities. Whatever the person’s need we can help.

This could be knowing where to go for support or increasing motivation and self-esteem.

The project was extended due to the success of its first 3 years’ delivery.

As a result, the Invest in Youth project has secured £4M to support 1566 young people aged 15-24 over the project’s lifetime to overcome their barriers and move closer to employment, education or training.

Tailored support

Whether you have been referred to us or have asked for our help directly, you will be assigned a Key Worker who will make sure you get all the help you need. They will help you identify the barriers and challenges that are stopping you from reaching your goals and will provide you with the tailored support and services you need. This might include:

  • Education and training, so you have all the basic qualifications to find work
  • Housing and access to benefits, so you have somewhere to live and means of supporting yourself while you look for work
  • Physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing, so you are fit and ready for the world of work
  • Developing your self-esteem, so you believe in yourself and what you have to offer
  • Dealing with money and coping with debt, so you can take responsibility for your finances
  • Employment and work experience from careers advice to interview technique, we will help you with your job search or with volunteering

Emotional therapeutic service

For individuals taking part in Invest in Youth, Changing Futures or Age of Opportunity scheme we offer low level therapeutic support consisting of 8–10 one to one or group sessions focused on managing anxiety or mild depression, building confidence and improving self-esteem.

Our service focuses on helping young people to talk about their feelings and emotions, develop coping strategies and improve their personal health and wellbeing.

If you would like to refer someone directly to our Emotional Therapeutic service please fill out the referral form at the link below:

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What did they say?

What did you find helpful about the service?

Everything! You’ve made me think and be able to sort my mind out. I can often overthink and have jumbled and incorrect thoughts. Left on my own I remain in that state. You have validated my thoughts and feelings and helped me find me again. It has been life reviving to speak with someone so positive and you’ve shown me there are good people out there. You’ve helped me to care about other people again.

Is there anything you would change?

No. I do find the pressure of the phone calls too much sometimes, but you never wrote me off and kept giving me opportunities to remain in contact. Other support services put me off with their pressure and impatience, but I am grateful that you didn’t ever let go.

I have got used to the sound of your voice and I’ll be sad not to hear it again.
Thank you so much for everything.

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