There are thousands of young people caring for others at their home.

They might be caring for adults or siblings with illness, mental health issues, alcohol or drug abuse problems.

We make sure the young carers we work with are supported at home and at school. We are their ally, their defender, their comfort. We are their voice when they need it. We give them 1 to 1 support and access to a network of other carers so they know they’re not alone.  And we give them time. To smile, have some fun and to be a child.

Being a Young Carer can put a massive burden on young shoulders. Not enough time to be with friends. Not looking after your own health and wellbeing. Feelings of resentment because you want to be like everyone else. Bullying at school.

School work and attendance can suffer and schools don’t always understand why. They don’t have the full picture. Even when the child carer is in school they can be worried about a parent and break down in class. Emotional drain on a child can mean that meals or other chores get missed.

Supporting you

At CANW we build a bridge between school and home, informing schools of the situation and find ways to support the carer. We focus on the individual needs and help young carers stay healthy, attend school and achieve their life goals, finding a college place even if their academic record is poor.

We also work to reduce the caring role where possible and ensure that the family has access to further appropriate health and social care services. We offer workshops and online sessions to build a community of support so that no young carer ever feels they are alone.


This is our promise, this is our focus:

  • ADVOCACY. We advocate for Young Carers ensuring their voice is heard. We work with schools so that they are aware of the challenges the Young Carer is facing and attend meetings on their behalf with, for example, Children’s Services.
  • RESPITE. We provide respite from daily caring activities by providing regular group sessions and an online community where they can be with other children and young people in their situation as well as weekend residential breaks.
  • CARE. We provide therapeutic sessions to support their emotional wellbeing, address any mental health issues and offer workshops to build self-esteem and confidence.


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