We care. We empower.
We never give up. This is us.

Everyone at CANW is focussed on our mission to inspire young people’s lives and change their futures through the support we give and the values we hold.

At CANW we have an experienced and caring fostering team who provide excellent support for all our potential and current foster carers. We aim to support you so that you can focus on supporting your foster child or children. We build friendships so you can help rebuild lives.

Foster Care Team

Julie Dawkins

Head of Service: Care & Accommodation

CANW’s values and not for profit commitment to helping vulnerable children and adults, inspired and still motivates me!

Jan Bakewell

Supervising Social Worker

I started out at CANW as a social work student - way back in 2002/2003, and had always considered that one day I would come back to CANW. I feel passionate about the values we hold at CANW, and I enjoy working alongside our foster carers, seeing the positive difference they make each day. The team is fantastic, and I enjoy the different challenges and experiences that my role brings, working in the fostering team.

Michelle Savage

Supervising Social Worker

I work with CANW as I wanted to work in an organisation that isn’t motivated by money and puts the children at the heart of what they do. I am child focused and am looking forward to supporting our foster carers so they can help give our young children the support they need to reach their potential.

Michelle Patsanza

Supervising Social Worker

I work for CANW because CANW is at the heart of promoting positive outcomes for children and supporting foster carers in their task of providing care to the children in their care. The values and ethos are underpinned in ensuring children reach their potentials also learning and development is intrinsic therefore improving practice & promoting best outcomes.

Jason Lewicki

Support & Engagement Coordinator

Our “goal” is to genuinely be driven to provide the best possible experience to our young people and give them better options. We are not run for profit, no one “profits” from the care of our young people, they are not seen as a business asset.

Amanda Hayes

Foster Care Development Worker

I work for CANW because I am passionate about the organisation and I want to be part of the difference we make to children and young people lives.

Business Support Team

Anne Ainsworth

Panel & Training Administrator

After working in banking and corporate environments all my working life I wanted a change; working for CANW and seeing the positive work undertaken with children and families is inspiring every day.

Andi Newborough

Senior Placement Officer

CANW isn't just an organisation, it's a family which is why I feel at home here.

Rebecca Dean

Business Support Assistant

I love knowing I make a difference to the lives of children by finding them foster homes.


Change a life.
Be a lifeline.

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