When a young person becomes 18, they are legally, no longer a looked after child.

Their placement with a foster family can no longer be classed as a foster placement.

However, a fostered young person can remain living with their foster family when they reach the age of 18, if that is what they and their foster carers want, to finish their education, for example. This way a stable family home can be guaranteed at a crucial transitional period.

At CANW many of our foster carers maintain lifelong relationships with the children and young people they have fostered. We celebrate and support this, recognising the importance of a strong support system as young people leave the formal care system, whether that was fostering or residential care, and step out into the adult world.

Supporting care-experienced young people

Our dedicated team offers a range of services to support care-experienced young people to strengthen their independence skills through 1 to 1 mentoring, therapeutic counselling, peer support and supported lodgings. We also organise a range of group activities and workshops focussing on the physical and emotional health of care leavers as well as furthering their social skills and widening their social networks.

Our WhatsApp Group is available as a source of information, help or just for company. The activities and workshops that we organise also equip young people leaving care with the skills and insights to keep themselves safe, furthering their independence.

Need some help?

Are you a young person who recently left care and want some help? Don’t be a stranger, call us, we’d love to offer our support. Contact us on 01254 248282.

We are here for you. Right now.

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