There are many reasons why a child cannot continue to live with their birth family.

“Being a foster carer with CANW is a vocation like no other”

It could be for a few days or months or sometimes years – however long it’s for, it can make a huge difference.

Fostering isn’t a 9-5 job, so at CANW we provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer our foster carers practical support, activities, support programmes and educational guidance. We also provide specific, tailored training to help our foster carers become the best possible carer they can be.

We have the guidance of a clinical psychologist to ensure the emotional, health and wellbeing needs of both children and carers are met, and we offer mentoring and befriending services to help guide children along the road to adulthood.

Different types of Fostering

There are several different types of fostering need.

It could be for a few short days whilst a longer term plan is agreed, or it could be an emergency where a child needs a place of safety due to family crisis. In some cases a birth family may need a period of respite which could be an overnight stay, regular weekends or school holidays.

Some children do need a more long-term family placement because they can’t return to their birth family for an extended period. Or a child may need fostering support because they are in trouble with the Police and need a safe place to live whilst they go through the court process.

The reasons a child may require the support of a foster family differ and no two situations are the same.

Providing more placements for children

At CANW we began our fostering service in 2001 and work across Lancashire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester and Yorkshire. We look after our foster carers, they are an incredibly important part of our CANW family.

The number of children that require a safe place to live has increased in recent years, with the Covid-19 pandemic resulting in a number of challenges families up and down the country. We are developing our service to provide more placements for children who need the care and support of compassionate foster carers and are specifically looking for carers who can support:

  • Parent & child
  • Sibling groups
  • Older children
  • Children with disabilities and complex additional needs


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