Young Carers Case Study

Tom* was referred by school through a concern around absence levels. He cared for his mum who had ME and was largely immobile.

Tom* was anxious about leaving her, but had not communicated this to school. His attendance had dropped to 77%.

On assessment, mum was recovering and about to try work part time.

Tom* identified that he wished to improve his attendance and for school to be aware and supportive. He also talked about his emotional health and his anxieties around mum relapsing. Toms* Outcome Star showed needs identified in multiple areas; education, relationships, confidence and self-esteem, physical health.

We supported Tom* to set goals around improving his anxiety, confidence and self-esteem. We set up meetings with school to ensure Tom’s* Head of Year was supportive and advocated on behalf of Tom*. We discussed his worries with the family and put strategies in place to reduce Tom’s caring responsibilities.

As a result, Tom* was much happier.

His relationships at home and at school improved, he enjoyed going to young carers sessions, learning new things and having lots of fun.  He told us his stress and worry levels were much better after talking things through and having 1:1’s and he was having less migraines and stomach aches.  His school attendance rose to 87% which was fantastic.