Building Better Opportunities

Jacqueline has been out of work for the last 20 years, she struggles with mental health illness and has acute anxiety which she takes medication for. As a result, Jacqueline has confidence and social isolation barriers. Jacqueline has many strengths and is a trained Samaritan, she has done lots of charity work but has a tendency to do voluntary work and supporting other people instead of getting help for herself and never puts her own health first.

These sessions will provide Jacqueline with an opportunity to get some much-needed therapeutic support for herself which will help support her low confidence and isolation of being in the house more than she would like due to her own health deteriorating and Covid.

Helping Jacqueline

We engaged Jacqueline in employability activities such as: CV, cover letter and job searching.

Joined the CANW calendar where she attended: meditation, be your own life coach sessions. Liased with CANW Emotional Therapeutic service and completed 10 sessions of support from the ETS team.

Enter Jez

“I was anxious about coping on my own, without regular check ins. ‘Home treatment team’ said that they were referring me to ‘Changing futures’ who are based at CANW, though due to covid, appointments would take place on the phone. Enter Jez, my support worker who rang me soon after discharge. We talked for about an hour, and I remember saying to my Husband at the end of the call that I didn’t feel alone anymore with all my worries about the future.

Talking to Jez alleviated lots of my concerns, he assured me that he would help me every step of the way towards work and wellness. I felt I had an ally, someone in my corner, and although it was only the start of my recovery, having ‘Changing Futures’ involved has made such a difference.”