Empowering Families: Launching a New Autism Support Service for Stronger Futures

Offering support for families across East Lancashire with a child/children up to the age of 25, seeking or with an Autism Diagnosis.

Excited to announce the launch of a pioneering project in partnership with Spring North. Designed to provide comprehensive support to families and parents who have children diagnosed with autism and those going through the assessment process; offering a wide range of vital services to address the specific needs of these families.

The project’s primary objective is to offer support to parents, carers, and families who are navigating the challenges associated with having a child diagnosed with autism. Recognising the significance of early intervention, the project will focus on two key areas of support: education on autism and strategies to support parents.

What the project will offer...

The project will also address the difficulties that parents, carers, and families may encounter when dealing with challenging behaviours exhibited by children on the autism spectrum. Strategies and practical support will be offered to help families work cohesively, improving both their overall well-being and the child’s behaviour. The project team will work closely with the children and their parents or carers, providing wrap-around care to ensure the best possible outcomes for everyone involved.

For more information about the service:

email: autism@canw.org.uk   |   tel: 01254 244706

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