This Foster Care Fortnight, Child Action Northwest announce expansion of their charity patron family.

Blackburn Chemicals, are renowned worldwide for providing high performance Foam Control Agents to a diverse range of industries, and were inspired to support CANW after learning more about their portfolio of services – specifically, their Fostering service.

Family is hugely important to Blackburn Chemicals and they remain a fully family owned business despite their significant growth and success.

The family is from Wilpshire and has been aware of the Blackburn Orphanage; now Child Action Northwest, as long as they can remember. They are really passionate about giving back to the local community

Company Chairman, George Lamb; started the business making the early batches of chemicals, in a shed, at the end of his back garden, just down the road from CANW Head Office. Those strong foundations were then built on to create the worldwide company it is now, strengthened by the family values and the work of Grandsons of George; James Holt, Jack Lamb and Thomas Riley.

Jonathan Cobbold, Director of Business Development, Innovation & Growth of CANW said: “We are so incredibly delighted that Blackburn Chemicals have decided to support CANW as our first ever Fostering Patrons. We know how much family means to them and we’re delighted that this support will help us to continue providing loving foster homes for young people who need them.

We are seeking more individuals and business leaders, with an interest and passion for supporting young people, who want to drive change now for the next generation and who will step up and unite with the same aim: to raise aspirations, increase skills and improve the health and wellbeing of young people and our future workforce.”

James Holt, Company Secretary of Blackburn Chemicals said:

“We’re excited to build a partnership with CANW that is more than just about money, and we’re keen to look at how our team can volunteer with the charity and get involved in supporting their work moving forwards.”

Expression of interest

CANW are inviting influential members of the community to join them in addressing a systemic problem by becoming supporters of their charity. Their work with children, young people & families relies upon this support – without it they wouldn’t be able to run their services or reach the children and young people that need them most.

To find out more about becoming a patron – visit: or contact Jonathan Cobbold at