Police Commissioner uses seized cash to deter young people from crime.

Child Action Northwest Head Office was visited by Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner; Andrew Snowden. The team were able to show him first hand how they are using a grant he awarded to stop young people who have been involved with the police from committing further potential crimes.

This funding will allow us to support young people who receive a No Further Action (NFA) in relation to an offence they have been involved in.

We aim to engage with young people and support them with their NFA and reduce the risk of them future offending.

Andrew Snowden, Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire said:

“This project really stood out as we too often see when a young person is suspected of an offence but no action will be taken, the lack of engagement and support they can access, which fails to challenge their behaviour and risks allowing it to escalate to more serious offences.”

Carl Simms, Youth Engagement Manager for CANW said:

“We can already see a positive difference the project is making to some of the young people,  families and the community.

By getting to the root cause of the young people’s behaviour we are able to help them Break the Cycle and make better choices so they don’t reoffend.”

To learn more about our Youth Engagement programme contact Manager, Carl: CSimms@canw.org.uk