Foster Carer Stories

Our 1st full year of being Foster Carers with CANW
The day when we went to Panel, getting approved, our lives changed instantly!
Filling our house with toys, games, washing and more washing. Learning how to give all we have to these children, that we now support 24/7, was what we had been missing in our lives.
When we received the phone call to say it’s happening and a teenage lad was coming to stay with us, we had every emotion bouncing around. Nervous…excited!! We wanted to get everything so right for him, and it was. 
The next day, I opened our front door and met him with a welcoming big cuddle and Phil was ready with a plate of butties!!! 
It was strange at first, each of us learning how the house would now worked. Respecting each others space and learning from each other. With our new arrival being profoundly Deaf; this was a bigger challenge for Phil as he only knew small amounts of British Sign Language – whereas I am BSL trained.

Here we now are, reflecting back over the last 12 months, how far we have come, and how much all our lives have changed for the better!
We now have a second young person, bringing a girl into the mix. We are building up the excitement for Christmas again. However hiding Christmas presents this year is a task as our bedrooms are now claimed by two happy children, so we have had to locate new hiding places!
Bringing the magic into children’s lives is not just at Christmas, it is every day.
But it’s also our lives now that sparkle as well. 
Our 1st year being Foster Carers with CANW has not only made our lives complete, it has been life changing for the youngsters in our care! We would not change a thing, well maybe adding another bedroom would be good.