Collaboration with local young people

Artwork collaboration with local young people takes pride of place at Ramsgreave & Wilpshire station in support of Child Action Northwest’s 130th anniversary.

Following funding from Community Rail Lancashire, artist Karen Allerton worked with local charity Child Action Northwest (CANW) and several of the young people it helps, to create a wonderful new artwork on the platform at Ramsgate & Wilpshire station.

The artwork named ‘Along the Line’ was unveiled online on 19 January 2021.

Scenes and stories of people

The artwork is a montage of images and words depicting various scenes and stories of people supported by the charity over the past 130 years. For example, the artwork includes pictures and stories of the initial children helped by the charity when it was an orphanage; the many children helped through the two World Wars, as well as stories of those involved in the artwork and being helped today.

CANW has been providing health, wellbeing and support services to some of the regions most vulnerable children, young people and families since 1891. CANW supports over 10,000 children each year by offering an innovative portfolio of services such as workshops on personal development, mindfulness, developing employment skills and creativity. Through the weekly creative workshops Karen worked alongside some of the children CANW support to explore different artistic techniques and develop new skills, which led to the design of the new artwork now on display at Ramsgrave & Wilpshire station.

Experience the joy and excitement

Artist Karen Allerton said:

“It’s been amazing to be involved in this project and to experience the joy, excitement and commitment of the young people I’ve worked with as they’ve learnt and grown in confidence. The artwork has had many positive benefits and all those involved should be extremely proud of what’s been achieved.”

Sue Cotton, CEO of CANW said:

“The artwork is just one example of the wide ranging work that we, our amazing volunteers and our supporters do, to show we care and to empower young people. We are so proud of what they’ve achieved with Karen’s help and expertise. And it’s incredibly exciting that other children and individuals across the North West who visit the station are able to see how important and valued the support of CANW is for so many today, as much as it was for so many previously.”