Foster Carer Stories

Written by a birth daughter of a CANW Foster Family, aged 7.
The class were asked to do a 2 minute talk on a subject that really mattered to them.

What is Foster Caring?  
Foster Caring is when someone comes to your house, but you don’t know them. 
My family do Respite Foster Caring, which means that we look after children at the weekends and during the holidays. This gives the children and their foster parents an occasional short break – just like going to stay with a grandparent or auntie.  
You might even be Foster Caring the same person or people again.
My whole family does Foster Caring.
What is good about Foster Caring?
Foster Caring is a good thing to do if you want to make new friends and Foster Caring is also good because you can do lots of fun activities like: going to the park, baking, having snowball fights if it is winter obviously, last but not least movie nights and lots more.
Foster Caring can also make the person or people you are Foster Caring feel like they are part of your family.
How does it feel saying goodbye?
When you say goodbye, it is super sad. It can feel like someone in your family is going and you don’t know when you are going to see them again.  However, you know that they are really going back to stay with their regular foster parents who love them very much.
Thank you for listening. 
I hope that you have enjoyed my speech about foster caring.